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Filings / Research

Imaging National Group can process court filings anywhere in Southern California. All we need are your
prepared documents, faxed or sent to our corporate office. Our
office staff will review all information to
insure your paperwork processes right the first time and any problems are eliminated. We then route the
documents to a licensed representative.
Filings Rates
So. Cal. 3 Day Allowance
Rush, Add
In-House Copies
Address Correction
Court Research Rates
Court Research 1 Hr.
Additional Time, Per Hr.
Rush, Add
We invite you to explore the option of our retainer service.
With our retainer service, a representative arrives daily to
obtain filings and service request forms. Through selecting
the retainer service, you would benefit from lower rates on all
our services. Please see the contact us page to request
more information.  
Court Filings/Research